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What is Health Touch?

Health Touch has two parts: A simple, accessible app for patients to record key stats and medications and a website for GPs to review patients home monitoring data

Patients enter data at home

Entering a tracker is easy for patients

They receive reminders to track and for their meds

They can see messages from the doctors ‘well done’, ‘call to book an appointment’, etc…

Doctors see all patients’ data instantly

Doctors can set thresholds for patients, set tracking reminders, send messages & see patients medications

When patients fail to record they turn ‘amber’, when they break their thresholds they turn ‘red’

The workflow is set up to deal with large numbers of patients quickly, and to enable Nurses and HCAs to take tasks from doctors

Remote tracking

See everything a patient tracks in their Health Touch app, in easy to read charts, with thresholds and alerts. You can quickly respond through direct messages and reminders

Stronger connections

Send messages to your patients; to remind them to take meds; to track; or words of encouragement and support. With Health Touch, patients feel better connected.

Focus quickly on ‘at risk’ patients

Health Touch highlights ‘out of threshold’ patients; you can focusing quickly on those that need most help, or patients that are not taking their medication

Save Money

Remote visibility of patients health stats means less visits to hospital, better medication, and less readmissions.

Empower Your Patients

Health Touch patients app is free, and designed to help patients take more control of their own health management.

Patients can track their own health stats and medications. You can set reminders to help them stay on track with monitoring.

Patients own their data – they can see history and charts. They only share with their own network of clinicians and carers and can manage who sees their data at any time.

Health Touch Case Studies

GPs in Tower Hamlets

CQC noted Health Touch use an example of outstanding practice at St Andrews Health Centre in Tower Hamlets.

GPs are using Health Touch for patients with Hypertension, Asthma and Diabetes. This means less patient appointments, and GPs are able to manage patients more closely while spending less time per patient.

Fit4life Weight Management

The fit4life weight management programme uses Health Touch to help patients track their weight loss.

The fit4life team also see the weight change so can send messages of encouragement and support, or call patients in for appointments using the app

Paediatric Liver & Bowel Transplant unit

Health Touch helps doctors at King’s College Hospital get patients home earlier, while monitoring their daily fluid balance remotely.

Transplant patients situation can alter quickly – Doctors keep a daily track on outpatients stats with Health Touch, enabling critical early intervention if a patients condition deteriorates at home

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