Connected Healthcare - Health Touch
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Connected Healthcare

The NHS spends up to 70% of its annual budget (or £77 bn/year) looking after the 15.4 million people in England with at least one long-term condition. Over the next few years, this figure is expected to grow significantly as the population is living longer and collects multiple long-term conditions.

At present, GP surgeries use computerised records whilst hospitals use a mixture of computer and paper based notes. Patient data is transferred to and from health professionals predominately via letters or faxes. Professions such as Pharmacy are left almost completely outside the sharing of patient information. The present IT silos & non-integrated sharing of data results in inefficiencies across the NHS landscape creating suboptimal patient care, wastage and duplication of NHS resources with an enormous financial cost to the NHS.

Health Touch enables real time transfer of data between patient and their clinicians facilitating coordinated and integrated care. Patients are able to take more control of their own health, therefore significantly reducing the overall time taken from doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Moreover, given the quality and timeliness of patient data available in the platform, clinicians are able to provide more effective treatments to patients, and therefore, save NHS costs through enhanced medicine

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