Our First Patient - Health Touch
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Our First Patient

Our First Patient

Emily* is 7 years old, and has been in hospital most of her life.  She has a liver and bowel transplant, and takes a cocktail of anti-rejection drugs every day.  Doctors monitor her situation every day.

In December, Emily’s condition was stabilizing.  However, her doctors at Kings College Hospital still wanted to review her condition every day.  We had just completed the first release of the Health Touch app for home monitoring. Doctors agreed that Emily could return home on condition that she recorded her key data into Health Touch, so her doctors could see her stats every day via the Cloud.

Emily went home on the 23rd December.  Doctors reviewed her health every day over the coming weeks.  The hospital saved around £300 per day by having the bed available over the next few weeks.  The unit now uses Health Touch regularly.

And Emily?  Well this was Emily’s first Christmas at home.

*Emily’s name has been changed to protect her identity

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